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    烏魯木齊金谷大廈                   Wulumuqi Jingu building

    設計/竣工     1999


    地點:    新疆烏魯木齊

    Location: wulumuqi xinjiang province

    總建筑面積:        180000平方米

    Total floor area: 180000


    It is located at the east of Xinhua north road in center area of Urumqi city, Xinjiang province. Gathering the foodstuff department office (eight floors) and two business & resident buildings which are 30 floors, it is an integral building group. The success of the project primarily expresses at: firstly, it craftily solves the independent transportation system with the landscape transition; secondly, it joins several group buildings into an integral whole with the novel building truss; thirdly, it makes a lot of comfortable gray space and strengthens the architectural pulchritude with the shape increasing or decreasing. Construction shape is not only terse and decent but also refined and elegant.


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